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Clam is a lifelong artist with a wide range of skills and experience.  Past lives include- performance artist, comedian, developer of children’s programming for Nickelodeon, author of a children’s book called “Ruby Gloom’s Keys To Happiness,” production designer for film and TV, director and producer for hundreds of music videos. Accolades for the music videos earned him both "Best Production Design for a Music Video" for MTV as well as "Most Creative Music Video" for VH1. He has worked with multiple theaters in charge of large art installations which he has designed and constructed.  Most recently, he has been working on the creation of a television show based on a character developed from several successful theater runs. He is currently the curator of 63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco. He teaches art to children in his free time.



I consider my work as a place to convert dreams and spiritual ideas into form.

These forms, shapes, and colors come to me from the Seen and Unseen Worlds.

A line, a shape, an image, or word comes to me and I try just to surrender and let it take over. That is my starting point. Changing flow and direction, I let these ideas manifest themselves in an organic way.  I'm always looking for the artwork that comes from these unseen forces. I always start with a thought: it might be a bird, a woman, a lightbulb, or a bug and go from there. The journey part of the creative path is my favorite.  After these initial ideas make it into the paintings, they always eventually lead me to more imagery. I am grateful to be an artist because it can always take me to a place of something bigger than the everyday world. I paint on smoothed, finished plywood and even do my own framing.


Thank you

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